Student Leadership

student leaders 2.001 - Version 2

Leadership starts with “i”

Student Leaders is a program designed for students to become stronger leaders! Sometimes we see a need; the question is will you be the “i” that steps up to meet that need? Leadership starts with “i”

How did it start? It all started with a need for someone to run the children’s program on Wednesday nights. With no leadership, there would be no children’s program! We made a few changes: moved youth group to Sunday nights, formed a children’s program called Graceway Kids Midweek, and developed a Student Leaders program for teens. The teens are the primary leaders for games, music, and small group for the kids on Wednesday nights. Then during the message time for the kids; the teenager have their own leadership training with a healthy balance of Bible and leadership driven concepts! This whole situation is awesome because many of those kids look up to the teenagers and it presented a win-win for both kids and teens. We didn’t lose a kids program; we actually gained a teen program in the process!

The student leaders program doesn’t stop there. The students will be challenged to lead in a variety of ways. On Sunday mornings, they have the opportunity to lead in the nursery, Graceway Kids, Ushering, Sound and Video, and choir. Then there is also leading at Snow Blast, Summer Blast, Vacation Bible School, Harvest Fest, Service Projects, Mission Trips, and so much more. Imagine the possibilities of student leaders affecting the church today; and then in the future when these teens are the main leaders of the church!