Student Pastor Mike Ott


Brief Testimony

Born into a Godly family, I grew up knowing of God. At age fourteen, God became real in my life and I committed my life to Him. I became very involved in our student ministry; and felt called my senior year of high school into a full-time student pastor role. Following God’s leading, I spent six great years of study at Liberty University. I have spent time in a variety of student ministry fields, with the intention of broadening my perspective of student ministry. My desire is to continue studying, teaching, investing, and breathing student ministry, as God leads. I love life, I love ministry, I love my family and I love Jesus!

Personal Facts

I am totally in love with my beautiful wife, Amber

I love my newest edition to the family, Nathaniel

I have a coffee addiction; and Starbucks is sometimes mistaken as my office

If I hear a basketball bouncing; I will be playing within seconds

I love adventure and creating new life stories

I desire to always invest in people that are in my life for years, days, minutes

Every day, I am looking to build a closer relationship with Jesus

Ministry Objective

I am here: “To help mold Christ-like individuals, to hold them accountable to Christ, to disciple them in the Word, and to encourage them to succeed as they continue down life’s path”

Life Verse

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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